Corrosion Inhibition


NACE has estimated the annual cost of corrosion in the oilfield to be approx. $1.35 Billion.


Oilfield tubulars and other downhole equipment must be protected from all types of corrosion when exposed to well fluids of any kind. Surface corrosion is a common cause of tubular failures and must be controlled at all times. Corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers and biocides should be applied to all fluids that will be static for any significant period. OSS provides a range of corrosion inhibitors and a series of combined corrosion inhibitors and scavenger/biocides for comprehensive coverage of all oilfield protection needs.



OS COR 420   -   Drilling Corrosion Inhibitor

OS PRO-TECT O   -   Combined Corrosion Inhibitor, Bactericide & Oxygen Scavenger

OS PRO-TECT H   -   Combined Corrosion Inhibitor, Bactericide & H2S Scavenger

OS COR HIB A CONC   -   Amine Based Corrosion Inhibitor (Concentrated)

OS COR HIB A   -   Amine Based Corrosion Inhibitor

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