OS COR HIB A - Amine Based Corrosion Inhibitor




Oilfield tubulars and other downhole equipment must be protected from all types of corrosion when exposed to well fluids of any kind. Surface corrosion is a common cause of tubular failures and must be controlled at all times. Corrosion inhibitors should be applied to all fluids that have the potential to create a corrosive environment.


Product Information 

OS COR HIB A is a clear, dark amber liquid composed primarily of a mixture of aliphatic and heterocyclic mono-and diamines. OS COR HIB A is a water soluble film forming amine corrosion inhibitor used in solids free brines and packer fluids. OS COR HIB A can be used in calcium and zinc brines with temperature up to approx 160oC and 200oC in monovalent brine.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Dark Mobile Liquid              

Odour   -   Amine Type

pH (10% IPA)   -   8 – 12                                               

Flash Point   -   > 70oC             

Solubility   -   Water soluble, oil insoluble



OS COR HIB A coats and protects the drill string with an amine film thus reducing the corrosive effect that carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide can create.



OS COR HIB A is intermediate in the preparation of corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, emulsion breakers, surfactants, thickening agents, and cement additives.

OS COR HIB A should, if possible, be tested under the expected field conditions, but if this is not practical then a dosage of 50-100 ppm is recommended.



OS COR HIB A is packaged in 200 kg drums or 1,000 kg IBC’s.

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