OS DEFOAM A LP - Alcohol based Defoamer




Foaming of water based muds can be very costly and disruptive to the whole drilling process. Excessive foaming causes pump problems and can lead to well control issues as mud pit volumes cannot be monitored properly. Foaming is difficult to break down because it is stabilised by the surface elasticity and surface viscosity of its film. Alcohol defoamers have an affinity for the air-liquid surface where they destabilise the foam. Drilling muds containing dissolved salts and some shale inhibition products are more prone to foaming and defoamers should be programmed on these wells. Defoamer and Antifoam are interchangeable terms when applied to drilling muds.


Product Information

OS DEFOAM A LP is a branched chain alcohol based defoaming agent, effective in controlling excess foam caused by mechanical entrainment of air into mud systems. OS DEFOAM A LP can also be applied before any foaming is anticipated.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Clear, colourless liquid                    

S.G. @ 20oC   -   0.832 – 0.833

Flash Point (PMCC)   -   75oC                                      

Pour Point   -   < -60oC

pH   -   6 – 7



A low viscosity, neutral pH defoamer easily mixed and applied in all types of water based muds.



Normal treatment is up to 1.5 gallons to 25 bbl of mud.

Increase or decreases in this level can be judged by examining the system for foam control. OS DEFOAM A LP can either be added on the surface to combat existing foam problems, or introduced before the formation of foam problems. It is more effective in preventing the problem. OS DEFOAM A LP is a multi-purpose defoamer and does not interfere with the normal properties of the drilling fluid.



OS DEFOAM A LP is packaged in 165 kg drums.




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