Detergents, Solvents & Surfactants


Drilling detergents are very useful in top hole drilling to minimise bit-balling, BHA balling and cuttings agglomeration. The surface active properties of detergents reduce the tendency of reactive clays to stick together and, more importantly, to stick to the drilling assembly. Maintaining drilling detergent in the circulating system while top-hole drilling will also aid in the removal of the cuttings over the shakers. OS MUD DET is available in various concentrations depending upon severity of the clays and should always be included in top-hole mud programmes.

Solvents and Surfactants play a major role in well clean-up operations especially when oil-based muds and residues are to be replaced with water-based fluids and brines. A rigorous well clean-up programme requires a properly engineered spacer train including strong solvents and surfactants for maximum chemical effectiveness. OS WELL CLEAN products are specifically blended for removing all types of base oil OBMs in order to ensure water wetting of all downhole tubulars.



OS MUD DET   -   Drilling Detergent (Available in various concentrations)

OS WELL CLEAN I   -   Speciality Well Cleaning Agent

OS WELL CLEAN II   -   Speciality Well Cleaning Agent

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