OS WELL CLEAN I - Speciality Well Cleaning Agent



Well Bore Cleaning

It is essential once the drilling phase has been completed that the well bore is as clean as is practically possible before committing solids free completion fluids to the well and running testing and completion tools. Mechanical cleaning and scraping must always be complimented with vigorous chemical action. The combination of a solvent and surfactant is essential to maximize wellbore cleaning.


Product Information 

OS WELL CLEAN I is an effective well bore cleaner comprising a mixture of surfactants and solvents for removing drilling fluids after running casing or liner.

Depending on well conditions and the desired requirement, OS WELL CLEAN I performs most effectively when mixed with OS WELL CLEAN II.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Clear yellow liquid              

S.G @ 20°C   -   0.99

Solubility in water   -   100%                                         

pH   -   7 – 9

Viscosity @ 20°C   -   < 1000 cps



Easily mixed.

Both OS WELL CLEAN I and OS WELL CLEAN II are highly concentrated thus giving better performance.



The following quantities are guidelines only. Depending on conditions the product can be further diluted. The requirement for casing being clean is generally that turbidity readings of the return fluid is <100 NTU. Cleaning is maintained until the turbidity drops to acceptable levels.


Composition of 1 m3 casing cleaning fluid:



Sea Water

875 Litres

Xanthan gum

6 kg


50 Litres


75 Litres


A normal procedure is to pump trains of well cleaner into the well. This is the most effective way of cleaning. An example of such a procedure may be to pump in turn viscous spacer, deoxygenated sea water and casing cleaning fluid. Typical fluid amounts are 5 – 15 m3. The process is repeated several times until turbidity values are low enough.



OS WELL CLEAN I is packaged in 200 kg net drums.




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