OS ROP - Shale Inhibitor




Drilling fluid systems and additives have an enormous effect on rates of penetration, ROPs.

Shale drilling represents one of the biggest challenges for water based fluids and inhibition, cuttings control and bit/BHA management are fundamental to maximizing ROP.

Inhibition is the first line of defense when drilling shales but the subsequent management of the cuttings and maintaining a clean bit/BHA are often ignored resulting in poor ROPs and much trouble time.


OS ROP used with OS ROP COAT and OS ROP XL will triple lock maximum ROPs when shale drilling.


Product Information 

OS ROP is a powerful liquid polyamine additive for clay inhibition. OS ROP significantly reduces hydration and swelling tendencies.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Clear Liquid            

Solubility   -   Soluble in water

pH   -   9.0 – 10.0                     

Ionic charge   -   Anionic acrylic copolymer



OS ROP is a concentrated liquid additive which mixes easily into the circulating system. OS ROP is a powerful inhibitor minimizing hydration of the near wellbore and cuttings.



OS ROP is effective in sea water and sodium and calcium brines, with a recommended dosage rate of 2 to 4 pounds ppb of drilling fluid, and is most effective when the drilling fluid is in the pH range of 9 to 10.



OS ROP is packaged in 55 US gallon drums.




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