OS FORM PLUG - Extreme Lost Circulation Solution



OS Form Plug System

The OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM is primarily used as a remedy for EXTREME LOST CIRCULATION.

It is recommended when conventional lost circulation materials have been proved ineffective and the option of using cement is undesirable. OS FORM PLUG A is the component used in the OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM to activate the setting of the plug.


Product Information 

OS FORM PLUG is the basis of the OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM as a treatment for extreme lost circulation.


It is a blend of milled borate mineral and selected polymers designed to be mixed in water or approved brines.



It can be mixed and the resultant fluid kept as a premix and held for extended periods.   

This may require treatment if used in hot climates, i.e. the addition of biocide and/or oxygen scavenger.


Particle size does not exceed 100microns and can therefore be safely pumped through down hole motors, LWD & MWD tools etc.



OS FORM PLUG is packaged in 50 lb sacks.




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