OS SQUEEZE - Acid-Soluble LCM for Reservoirs



Reservoir Lost Circulation

Lost circulation continues to be a very significant cost in many regions of the world. Many millions of dollars and much rig-time are lost fighting lost circulation and the resulting consequences. The highest costs are to be found when lost circulation occurs in reservoir sections and inappropriate, formation damaging, lost circulation materials are committed to the wellbore causing production impairment. Care must be taken to ensure that any and all LCMs used in reservoir sections do not cause irredeemable damage to producing zones.


Product Information 

OS SQUEEZE is a highly effective lost circulation product designed to combat high fluid loss problems in reservoirs.

OS SQUEEZE will seal all types of down hole fractures and permeable formations.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Off white powder                

Bulk Density   -   0.85



OS SQUEEZE is acid-soluble and simple to mix and apply.



OS SQUEEZE is suitable for all water, oil and synthetic based mud systems. 

OS SQUEEZE is acid soluble and will have no adverse effects on mud systems. OS SQUEEZE is stable in a wide temperature range.

Spot the OS SQUEEZE pill across and above the suspected loss zone, pull out of the pill and apply a hesitation squeeze.



OS SQUEEZE is packaged in 25 kg sxs.

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