Lubricants & Stuck Pipe Agents


Drilling fluid lubricity is a key parameter in achieving high ROPs. Drilling fluid lubricity directly affects power transmission to the bit and BHA. Excessive torque and drag leads to slow ROPs, drill-string failures and expensive fishing jobs and side-tracks. Drilling fluid lubricity is especially important in directional wells in both cased and open hole. A good lubricant can make the difference between success and failure. OS G LUBE products are a specially processed synthetic graphite demonstrating very low friction and are compatible with all types of drilling fluid up to very high temperatures.


Differential sticking problems need to be overcome as quickly as possible, the force requited to free the pipe increases rapidly with time. It is important to keep sufficient stocks of pipe freeing agent at the rig site for immediate application. OS FREE PIPE can be easily and rapidly mixed for the earliest possible placement around the stuck pipe area.



OS LUBE C   -   Concentrated Lubricant

OS LUBE PLUS   -   Multi Function Lubricant

OS DRILL SLIP   -   Drilling Lubricant

OS DRILL SLIP NT   -   Drilling Lubricant Non Toxic

OS GLIDE LUBE   -   Lubricant Beads

OS ECO BEAD   -   Lubricant Beads

OS G LUBE REGULAR   -   Graphite Based Lubricant Regular Grade

OS G LUBE FINE   -   Graphite Based Lubricant Fine Grade

OS FREE PIPE   -   Pipe Freeing Agent for Un-weighted Spotting Pills

OS FREE PIPE WTD   -   Pipe Freeing Agent for Weighted Spotting Pills



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