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For centuries ball bearings have been applied to reduce the friction between moving surfaces. Ball bearings support axial loads and reduce frictional forces allowing applied torque to the drillstring to better reach the bit and BHA. Lubricity is a critical property of all drilling fluids especially in high angle and horizontal wells.


Product Information 

OS ECO BEAD is a Solid Lubricant which is a cost effective, styrene plastic spherical bead. The beads are compatible with all drilling fluids, are non-abrasive and resist deformations. The beads are resistant to high temperature and high pressure down hole conditions. OS ECO BEAD is temperature stable upwards to 450°F (232°C). The material does not alter the rheological properties of the drilling fluid. A decrease of the fluid loss can be expected.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Clear plastic spherical solid bead  

Flash Point   -   Non-flammable                                  

S.G.   -   1.05 1.07

Temp Stability   -   Up to 450°F (232°C)            

Particle size Dist (av)   -   130μm – 250μm



OS ECO BEAD exceeds all LC-50 requirements.

OS ECO BEAD reduces friction by preferentially contacting the drillstring and bit. OS ECO BEAD further affects the lubricity of the system by the reduction of the coefficient of friction of the wall cake; thus, torque, drag, bit balling, and the possibility of stuck pipe and fishing jobs are effectively reduced.

OS ECO BEAD is not sensitive to any contaminants, nor does it adversely affect mud properties.

OS ECO BEAD does not interfere with geological evaluation.



OS ECO BEAD is applied at 1-4 ppb depending upon the severity of the torque and drag. It can be applied as a pill for severe stick-slip situations at 10-15 ppb.

The performance of OS ECO BEAD is unaffected by pH or salinity. The material readily mixes into the mud system.



OS ECO BEAD is packaged in 50 lb sacks.




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