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Drilling fluid lubricity is a key parameter in achieving high ROPs. Drilling fluid lubricity directly affects power transmission to the bit and BHA. Excessive torque and drag leads to slow ROPs, drill-string failures and expensive fishing jobs and side-tracks. Drilling fluid lubricity is especially important in directional wells in both cased and open hole. A good lubricant can make the difference between success and failure.


Product Information 

OS LUBE C is a concentrated multi functional lubricant made from a blend of modified natural oils.

OS LUBE C can be used in any drilling or workover operation where excessive torque or drag is anticipated, this product exhibits excellent lubrication properties in typical drilling operations and extreme pressure environments.


Typical Physical Properties

Appearance   -   Clear Dark Amber Liquid

S.G. @ 20oC   -   0.94 – 0.96

Flash Point   -   >65oC

Viscosity @ 20oC   -   200 cps

Solubility   -   Dispersible in water, Soluble in oil



OS LUBE C is an environmentally friendly, non polluting lubricant designed for water based drilling fluids, with varying pH levels. OS LUBE C can be used in fresh or salt water systems and can be used in fluids where calcium or magnesium are present. OS LUBE C does not grease out. OS LUBE C is effective in both metal-to-metal and metal-to-formation friction reduction. OS LUBE C is especially effective when building angle in directional wells.



OS LUBE C can be applied at a dosage of 2-7 lb/bbl (5.7-17.1 kg/m3) for standard lubricity treatments.

OS LUBE C is also added as a concentrated pill, 20-50 lb/bbl (70-150 kg/m3) when stick/slip oscillations during drilling become severe.



OS LUBE C is packaged in drums, net weight 185 kgs.




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