OS EXTROL - OS MMO Fluid Loss Agent




The complex chemistry of clays and an understanding of their structures provide the opportunity for manipulating their rheological properties. The application of bentonite in the oilfield is still widespread and when used smartly can be a very effective tool. Clay is economically advantageous and environmentally friendly. Clay, when applied together with a metal oxide extender produces a truly unique fluid capable of fulfilling the most demanding hole cleaning tasks. Simple MMO systems occasionally require additional fluid loss control if high permeability zones are exposed.


Product Information 

OS EXTROL is a chemically modified polysaccharide especially adapted for use in MMO systems.

OS EXTROL will not cause the clay structure to collapse unlike most commonly used fluid loss additives


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Off-white powder                

Moisture   -   10.01%

72 hour fermentation   -   No pH, odour, filtrate volume change

Screen Analysis   -   0.80% retained (40 U.S. Mesh)      




600 RPM

Filtrate Volume, ml

4% salt water test



Saturated salt water test





OS EXTROL is a mono and divalent salt-tolerant fluid loss control agent in MMO systems which quickly dissolves in cold water and is shear resistant.



OS EXTROL is added direct to the circulating MMO fluid at 3-6 ppb depending upon fluid loss requirements.



OS EXTROL is packaged in 50 lb sacks.




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