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Clay Extenders

The complex chemistry of clays and an understanding of their structures provides the opportunity for manipulating their rheological properties. The application of Bentonite in the oilfield is still widespread and when used smartly can be a very effective tool. Clay is economically advantageous and environmentally friendly. Clay, when applied together with a metal oxide extender produces a truly unique fluid capable of fulfilling the most demanding hole cleaning tasks.


Product Information 

OS MMO is a proprietary mixture of Aluminium Oxide hydrates, Magnesium Oxide hydrates, alkaline salts, and an organic complexing agent designed to produce a thermally stable, shear-thinning mud with high and fragile gels for a variety of fresh and salt water systems using both Natural and API gels. OS MMO has improved properties that reduce dusting and extend its operational temperature range (32°F to 350+°F).


OS MMO disperses readily and thickens quickly. For maximum salt water rheology, OS MMO should be mixed with fresh water mud prior to the introduction of salt.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Off white, free flowing powder

Odour   -   Odourless

Dispersion   -   Forms a cloudy dispersion in water with mild agitation



OS MMO does not need to be pre-dispersed in water before adding to the Bentonite slurry.


Full viscosity is developed within one minute.


All inorganic system with no mechanical shear degradation, environmental liability or shelf life limitations.


The unique rheological and flow properties of OS MMO systems provide the best possible hole cleaning and cuttings suspension of any drilling fluid while reducing pump pressures and surge pressures. Top hole large diameter drilling and milling are ideal applications for these systems.



Typically mixed in a 1:10 ratio with untreated Bentonites. It is extremely important to avoid the use and interference of any anionic materials when the metal oxide extender is applied, otherwise the structure developed will collapse almost immediately. Check your Bentonites for pre-mixed property enhancers.


Activity   -   Minimum Yield Point of 60 lb/100 ft2 with PV < 10 on standard Fann 35 rheology test with an 8 ppb untreated Bentonite and 0.8 ppb OS MMO.


Typical 6/3 rpm readings 35/32 respectively.


API Fluid loss ~ 30 cc without  FLA   -   5-10 with appropriate FLA.


Concentration, ratio to clay   -   1:20 – 1:10 (fresh water), 1:10 – 1:7 (salt water)



OS MMO is packaged in 25 lb sacks.




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