OS FORM PLUG A - Extreme Lost Circulation Solution HT Delayed Activator



OS Form Plug System

The OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM is primarily used as a remedy for EXTREME LOST CIRCULATION.

It is recommended when conventional lost circulation materials have been proved ineffective and the option of using cement is undesirable. OS FORM PLUG A is the component used in the OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM to activate the setting of the plug.


Product Information 

OS FORM PLUG A is a mixture of alkaline oxides and halite mineral powder which has been specially treated to activate the cross-linking process but with a degree of delay especially in hot climates where mix water temperatures can be relatively high.



OS FORM PLUG A has been developed for use where a degree of delay in the cross-linking process is required. Such applications include:


A) In countries where the surface ambient temperature is high, such as the Middle East, where the surface water supply may be greater than 86°F / 30°C and mixing equipment may be as high as 158° / 70°C.


B) The down hole application zone may be at a temperature greater than 250°F / 120°C.


C) The pumping time may be long, i.e. greater than 60minutes, where a greater delay in setting time is required.


It is mixed in the normal way via the mud mixing hopper and added as fast as practicable – there is no restriction to the speed it is added and mixed.



OS FORM PLUG A is packaged in 50 lb sacks.




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