OS FORM PLUG B - Extreme Lost Circulation Solution HT Buffer



OS Form Plug System

The OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM is primarily used as a remedy for EXTREME LOST CIRCULATION.

It is recommended when conventional lost circulation materials have been proved ineffective and the option of using cement is undesirable. OS FORM PLUG A is the component used in the OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM to activate the setting of the plug.


Product Information 

OS FORM PLUG B is an HT buffer used as part of the OS FORM PLUG SYSTEM. It is an organic salt in powder form.



OS FORM PLUG B is used to buffer the OS FORM PLUG system to a pH of 7– 8 prior to adding the OS FORM PLUG A delayed activator.


It is of specific use in countries where the mix water temperature can be relatively high such as The Gulf countries in the Middle East.


It is normally added after the basic OS FORM PLUG premix has been mixed, but can be added to extend the setting time if required, e.g. high BHT’s, deep, long ‘extended reach’ wells.


It is recommended that a pilot test is always carried out prior to its addition. Normal additions are between 0.5 - 4ppb.



OS FORM PLUG B is packaged in 25 kg plastic pails.

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