Scavengers for Safety & Corrosion Control


Hydrogen sulphide is a flammable, colourless gas that is extremely toxic at low concentrations and represents one of the most hazardous issues encountered in oil and gas well drilling. It is of critical importance to treat hydrogen sulphide with the appropriate scavengers. Simply maintaining high pH or using oil-based fluids with excess lime is at best a temporary measure and can lead to dangerous levels of hydrogen sulphide being rapidly liberated from the drilling fluid. OS ZINC OXIDE scavenger reacts with sulfides to form ZnS. This precipitate is an insoluble, inert, fine solid that remains harmlessly in the mud system or is removed by the solids-control equipment.


Most oxygen corrosion in oilfield metallurgy is caused by the addition of fluids from the surface that have been exposed to air for any length of time. When large quantities of fluids are pumped or injected downhole oxygen can be introduced in significant quantities. Dissolved oxygen downhole can cause severe corrosion problems with consequential damage and hazard potential. OS OXY SCAV products are tried and tested chemistries with very efficient scavenging properties.



OS OXY SCAV L   -   Ammonium Based Liquid Oxygen Scavenger

OS OXY SCAV SB   -   Sodium Bisulphite Liquid Oxygen Scavenger

OS OXY SCAV M   -   Powder Oxygen Scavenger

OS BRI-SCAV   -   Powder Oxygen Scavenger

OS BRI-SCAV L   -   Liquid Oxygen Scavenger

OS TRI-SCAV   -   Triazine Based Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger

OS PRO-TECT O   -   Combined Corrosion Inhibitor, Bactericide & Oxygen Scavenger

OS PRO-TECT H   -   Combined Corrosion Inhibitor, Bactericide & H2S Scavenger

OS ZINC OXIDE   -   Zinc Oxide





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