OS BRI-SCAV - Powder Oxygen Scavenger



Oxygen Scavengers

Oxygen Scavengers are commonly added to drilling fluids, workover fluids and completion fluids to mitigate the adverse effects of dissolved oxygen in downhole environments. Dissolved oxygen can radically decompose polymeric additives in the drilling fluid and can corrode the metal casing and the drill pipe.


Product Information 

OS BRI-SCAV is a non-sulphite oxygen scavenger designed to eliminate oxygen which is a key contributor to corrosion. OS BRI-SCAV is mainly used in low density clear brine workover and completion fluids containing monovalent ions such as potassium and sodium. We recommend that this product is not used with chrome resistant alloy metallurgy.


OS BRI-SCAV rapidly removes dissolved oxygen and is efficient at low concentrations.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Fine white crystals                

Assay   -   98.0 – 100.5 %

pH   -   5.5 – 8.0                                               

Heavy metals as Pb   -   10 ppm max

Lead   -   5 ppm max                          

Arsenic   -   3 ppm max

Mercury   -   1 ppm max                                 

Oxalates   -   Passes test

Specific optical rotation   -   +95.5° – +98.0°                           

Clarity   -   Passes test



OS BRI-SCAV is an effective sulphur-free oxygen scavenger for calcium containing brines. OS BRI-SCAV will not precipitate calcium and is environmentally friendly. OS BRI-SCAV reacts fast with O2, even at low temperatures.



OS BRI-SCAV typical dosage for packer fluids is 0.1 lb/bbl (0.2853 kg/m3).

OS BRI-SCAV is required to be regularly added in circulation fluids.



OS BRI-SCAV is packaged in 25 kg drums. 




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