OS OXY SCAV L - Ammonium Bisulphite Liquid Oxygen Scavenger



Oxygen Scavengers

Most oxygen corrosion in oilfield metallurgy is caused by the addition of fluids from the surface that have been exposed to air for any length of time. When large quantities of fluids are pumped or injected downhole oxygen can be introduced in significant quantities. Dissolved oxygen downhole can cause severe corrosion problems.


Product Information 

OS OXY SCAV L is an Ammonium Bisulphite liquid oxygen scavenger designed to remove dissolved oxygen from aerated water.  It is suitable for use in both fresh and salt water based systems.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Clear citrine yellow liquid   

Formula   -   NH4HSO3

Molecular weight   -   99.10                                        

S.G. @ 20°C   -   1.30 – 1.40

Crystallisation temp   -   0°C approx.                          

Assay % SO2   -   65.0 ± 2.0

pH (20°C, neat)   -   5.0 +/- 0.5                                    

Iron % as Fe   -   ≤ 0.0005



Ammonium Bisulphite oxygen scavengers are more water soluble and faster-acting than the sodium derivatives.



It is important to apply OS OXY SCAV L after minimising the aeration of the fluid by mechanical means and as close to the point of suction as possible. As a rule of thumb, 60ppm of 65wt% Ammonium Bisulphite is required to reduce the oxygen concentration in water from 9ppm to 50ppb.



OS OXY SCAV L is packaged in 250 kg drums or 1,360 kg IBC’s.

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