OS OXY SCAV M - Powder Oxygen Scavenger



Oxygen Scavengers

Oxygen Scavengers are commonly added to drilling fluids and completion fluids to mitigate the adverse effects of dissolved oxygen in downhole environments. Dissolved oxygen can radically decompose polymeric additives in the drilling fluid and can corrode the metal casing and the drill pipe.


Product Information 

OS OXY SCAV M is a powder oxygen scavenger designed to remove dissolved oxygen from aerated water. It is suitable for use in both fresh and salt water based systems and is an alternative for use in cold climate conditions.


OS OXY SCAV M is water soluble and should be mixed prior to using in an active system. OS OXY SCAV M performs well in systems experiencing high temperature conditions. 


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   White crystalline powder

Appearance 20% soln   -   Clear and colourless or pale yellow

Formula   -   Na2S2O5

Molecular weight   -   190.12

Bulk density   -   1.2 – 1.3 kg/dm3 approx.

Water solubility   -  

toC                   10      15      20      25      30      40      50      60      70      80_

g Na2S2O5        38.8   39.2   39.6   40.1   40.5   41.7   42.8   44.1   45.5   46.9

                        /100 g soln  

Assay   -   % Na2S2O5 > 98,   % SO2 > 66

Thiosulphate   -   % S2O3 < 0.04

Iron   -   % as Fe < 0.0005

Heavy metals   -   % as Pb < 0.001



OS OXY SCAV M is a powder based oxygen scavenger and as such, it is suitable for use in sub zero climates where liquid versions have low pour points.



Make a maximum sodium metabisulphite solution strength of 40% by adding 400 kg of OS OXY SCAV M to 600 kg of demineralised water (max 30oC).



OS OXY SCAV M is packaged in 25 kg sacks.




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