OS CLAY HIB LS - Shale Swell Inhibitor



Shale Inhibition & Cuttings Management

Effective shale inhibition leads to a stable wellbore, non-swelling and non-dispersing cuttings, and efficient solids removal. Mud properties remain optimised, drilling time is reduced and money is saved. Shale inhibition is still a major issue when using water based drilling fluids despite the use of many conventional inhibitors. So-called high performance water based muds used for swelling and dispersing formations rely on multiple chemistries to try to combat the uptake of water into the formation and cuttings.


Product Information 

OS CLAY HIB LS is a next generation organic, non-ionic shale inhibitor that can be used with or without KCl but does not require the addition of glycols. OS CLAY HIB LS can be used with all the routine water based mud additives in freshwater, seawater and brine-based systems and does not affect rheology or fluid loss. OS CLAY HIB LS is resistant to all common mud contaminants including cement.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Light Brown Liquid               

Flash Point   -   100oC

Pour Point   -   -32oC ASTM D97                       

Solubility   -   Soluble in water

Viscosity @ 20oC   -   361 cSt ASTM D7042                    

pH   -   12 (@5%) Measured



Better inhibition is clearly a major advantage of using OS CLAY HIB LS but the elimination of chloride ions from the KCl has very significant cost savings associated with disposal of cuttings and waste streams. Many Environmental Regulators impose stringent conditions on land-based drilling operations and the application of OS CLAY HIB LS without or even with reduced levels of KCL will be seen as a great environmental improvement in many areas.



OS CLAY HIB LS is applied at 3-5% by volume for optimum performance in most shale types. Depletion rates will depend on the shale type, ROP and hole size. Cuttings conditions should be closely monitored and product concentration adjusted accordingly. OS CLAY HIB LS is thermally stable up to 150oC and is pourable down to -18 OS CLAY HIB LS passes the Mysid Shrimp LC50 test and is registered on CEFAS.



OS CLAY HIB LS is packaged in 203 litre drums or tote tanks.



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