OS CLAY HIB PLUS - Shale Swell Inhibitor Premium



Shale Inhibition & Cuttings Management

Drilling shale formations remains one of the biggest challenges to the drilling fluids industry. Successful drilling of swelling clay/shale sections requires specially formulated inhibitors to control the uptake of water into the formation and cuttings. Proper inhibition stops tight hole, sticky cuttings and unstable mud properties leading to massive dilution. Proper inhibition reduces drilling time and reduces mud costs. Specific amine chemistries have been shown to be particularly effective additives in many regions of the world.


Product Information 

OS CLAY HIB PLUS is a clay hydration and swelling suppressant effective in limiting a reactive clays ability to absorb water. OS CLAY HIB PLUS significantly reduces hydration and consequent swelling tendencies.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance  -  Clear Yellow Liquid               

Pour Point   -   -60oC

S.G. @ 25oC   -   1.124                                     

Viscosity @ 20oC   -   < 100 cps

Solubility   -   Soluble in water and brine        

pH   -   6 – 8



OS CLAY HIB PLUS is a liquid additive and mixes easily in all water based systems. Works extremely well in conjunction with KCl. Reduces mud dilution rates and maintains cuttings integrity. Allows optimal choice of shaker screens and minimises fine solids build-up. Particularly applicable in drilling directional wells.



Concentration requirements will depend on the type of formation and the level of inhibition needed but OS CLAY HIB PLUS is recommended to be added at 4-12 ppb (10-30 kg/m3).



OS CLAY HIB PLUS is packaged in 200 kg net drums.




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