Gilsonite is a unique, naturally occurring solid hydrocarbon resin commercially mined in Utah, USA. It is a light, friable mineral with a large molecular weight distribution. Gilsonite is high in nitrogen content and low in sulphur with a range of melting points, which allows it to soften and deform as it approaches the melting point.


Product Information 

OS GILSONITE LT is a very pure, natural hydrocarbon resin, used as an additive in water and oil based muds and in oil well cement.  OS GILSONITE LT provides excellent fluid loss control in oil based muds, promotes shale stability in water-based muds and acts to prevent lost circulation in cement slurries.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Black Powder                      

S.G.  -   1.05

Softening point   -   160 – 182oC (ASTM E28-92)           

Odour   -   Hydrocarbon

Flash Point (COC)   -   316oC / 600oF                           

Sulphur   -   0.3%

Particle Size   -   Retained on + 100 mesh -- -- ≤ 8.5 %, Retained on + 200 mesh -- -- ≤ 30 %



OS GILSONITE LT is compatible with all types of water and oil based muds. OS GILSONITE LT will not affect the rheological properties of drilling fluids. OS GILSONITE LT is non-toxic and environmentally safe. OS GILSONITE LT is a uniquely versatile additive for problematic wellbores.



OS GILSONITE LT is added to oil based muds at 2-6 ppb for HPHT fluid loss control.

OS GILSONITE LT is added to water based muds at 2-8 ppb for shale stabilisation and differential sticking.

OS GILSONITE LT is added to cement slurries to prevent lost circulation at concentrations of 5-50 lbs/sx of cement.



OS GILSONITE LT is packaged in 25 kg sacks.

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