OS GLYHIB - Medium Cloud Point Polyglycol



Shale Inhibition

Drilling shale formations remains one of the biggest challenges to the drilling fluids industry. Proper inhibition stops tight hole, sticky cuttings and unstable mud properties. Proper inhibition reduces drilling time and reduces mud costs. The application of cloud point glycols has significantly increased the capacity of water-based muds to properly control the uptake of water into these troublesome shales. A medium cloud point glycol in combination with KCl or NaCl will plug shale pores preventing the uptake of water and the transmission of the destabilising wellbore circulating pressures.


Product Information 

OS GLYHIB is a medium cloud point Polyalkalene glycol. OS GLYHIB exhibits phase separation at its cloud point and plugs the shale pores blocking water ingress and preventing swelling and sloughing. Unlike shale inhibitors based on ethylene glycols, OS GLYHIB produces a physical cloud point, at specific temperatures and solution activities, to give a physical coating to the shale as well as a molecular coating.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Pale yellow to light brown liquid    

S.G. @ 20oC   -   1.00 – 1.06 gm/cc

Viscosity   -   Below 100 cps @ 20oC                

pH   -   7.0 – 8.0



OS GLYHIB is more effective than a conventional glycol system which uses ethylene glycol, or polyethylene glycol because OS GLYHIB exhibits a cloud point, which is a semi soluble, semi insoluble state, giving physical coating of the shale, as well as inter action on the surface of the shale, and physical lubrication. The returned glycol based drilling fluid has the advantage that OS GLYHIB returns to the soluble state on cooling below their cloud point, releasing it from the drill cuttings.



3-5% by volume of OS GLYHIB is recommended to be used in KCl or NaCl fluids. It can be used at higher levels and in potassium chloride fluids. It will control hydration of sensitive shale, and provide lubricity to the system.


OS GLYHIB using 10% sodium or 16% potassium chloride fluid at 5% dosage has a cloud point of 75 – 85oC.


The figure below shows approximate cloud points for different concentrations of KCl and OS GLYHIB.


OS GLYHIB is packaged in 55 US gallon drums or 1000 kg IBC’s.




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