OS POLYCAP LQ - High Molecular Weight Liquid Polyacrylamide




Partially-hydrolyzed polyacrylamide is a linear copolymer of anionic acrylate and nonionic acrylamide monomers. The polymer chain length and ratio of monomers can be varied during manufacture. PHPA acts as an excellent encapsulating polymer relying on a combination of anionic character and chain length to reduce dispersion of cuttings, add lubricity and aid viscosity and fluid control management.


Product Information 

OS POLYCAP LQ is a 30% w/w aqueous emulsion of high molecular weight PHPA.  OS POLYCAP LQ is designed for fast field mixing and shale/clay stabilisation in aqueous drilling fluids. 


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   White liquid                           

Flash point   -   >95oC                                      

S.G.   -   1.02 g/cm3

pH   -   8.5                                           

Solubility   -   Soluble in water



The OS POLYCAP LQ mixes easily with minimum shear in fresh water. Hydration is fast and polymer efficiency is maximized. Helps provide effective clay and shale stabilization with lower viscosity. OS POLYCAP LQ is non-fermenting and imparts a high degree of lubricity.



Typical dosage for freshwater 1.5 – 3.0 litres per cubic metre.


OS POLYCAP LQ is a multifunctional fast mixing polymer developed for use in water based drilling fluids to provide:-

Shale Stabilisation

Friction Reduction

Flow Line Flocculation     



Shale Stabilisation

OS POLYCAP LQ can be used alone or in conjunction with KCL to stabilise active shales.  OS POLYCAP LQ encapsulates reactive shale platelets by forming a protective layer on the well bore and around drilling cuttings, decreasing the shale’s tendency to absorb water, swell and slough-off.


Friction Reduction and Lubrication

The shear thinning properties of OS POLYCAP LQ reduce power losses at points of high shear especially at the drill bit and other restrictions such as the pump discharge, drill collars, etc.  The polymer structure also helps reduce turbulence, thereby reducing erosion and wash-outs in weak structures.



The flocculation and removal of drill solids can be economically achieved by the addition of small doses of OS POLYCAP LQ. The polymer is added at the flow line to promote solids settlement in the mud pit or at a point just prior to mechanical separation equipment, e.g. the centrifuge, shale shaker, etc.



OS POLYCAP LQ is a very cost-effective viscosifier for clear water drilling operations.  Its shear thinning properties ensure maximum power at the bit under high sheer, excellent carrying capacity under low shear, yet allows easy solids removal in the mud pits.



OS POLYCAP LQ is packaged in 19 kg pails.




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