Thinners & Solids Tolerance


Water-based mud thinners are designed to control the interparticle forces developed between clay solids that become incorporated into a circulating mud system. Rheological properties, flow behavior and dynamic pressure losses are all severely effected by the uncontrolled absorption of active solids into the mud. It is important to distinguish between deflocculants and dispersants when choosing a mud thinner. Mud thinners that act as deflocculants will lower the overall viscosity and control progressive gels. A good deflocculant will allow greater solids tolerance in a water based mud reducing dilution while maintaining good flow properties and ECDs.


Dispersants will act to control the low end rheology and progressive gels but will also increase the surface area of the drill solids and therefore increase the high end (PV) rheology as well.


OS POLYCAP THIN L acts as a synthetic deflocculant and works well up to 230oC.


OS POLYCAP THIN L   -   Liquid Polymeric Thinner

OS POLYCAP THIN   -   Polymeric Thinner



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