OS POLYCAP THIN - Low Molecular Weight Polyacrylamide / Polymeric Thinner




Water-based mud thinners are designed to control the interparticle forces developed between clay solids that become incorporated into a circulating mud system. Rheological properties, flow behavior and dynamic pressure losses are all severely affected by the uncontrolled absorption of active solids into the mud. It is important to distinguish between deflocculants and dispersants when choosing a mud thinner. Mud thinners that act as deflocculants will lower the overall viscosity and control progressive gels. Dispersants will act to control the low end rheology and progressive gels but will also increase the surface area of the drill solids and therefore increase the high end (PV) rheology as well.


Product Information 

OS POLYCAP THIN is a low molecular weight anionic synthetic copolymer thinner/ deflocculant for use in water based drilling fluids.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   White free flowing powder  

Dry content   -   87.0 – 100.0

UL Viscosity   -   2.20 – 3.20                              

Insoluble   -   2% max

Particle size   -   Min. 95% pass 20 mesh                      

Monomer   -   1000 ppm max.   



OS POLYCAP THIN mixes very easily into both freshwater and seawater water-based mud systems. Effective control of gels and clay solids is best achieved before the clay content climbs too high and reduces the amount of free water available.  OS POLYCAP THIN is stable as an effective thinner across a wide range of pH and is temperature stable up to 200°C.



OS POLYCAP THIN is used most often in low solids, non-dispersed, polymer muds and in high temperature applications. The product can be used with other thinners like tannins and lignosulphonates but is not recommended with high lignite systems. Total hardness is best maintained below 200 mg/l for optimum performance. Normal Treatment ranges from 0.1to 2 lb/bbl.



OS POLYCAP THIN is packaged in 25 kg sacks.




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