Viscosifiers & Fluid Loss Reducers


Two of the primary functions of any drilling fluid are hole cleaning and cuttings suspension. The introduction of shear-thinning polysaccharide gums was one of the most important technological innovations in the development of water-based muds. Using the appropriate quality gums for the right application allows proper engineering of drilling fluid, cement and spacer properties to ensure optimal flow rates and minimum ECDs for drilling and displacements. OS XANTHAN products are API spec biopolymers with tried and tested performance. OS RHEO GUM and OS RHEO GUM PLUS modified polysaccharides are much more thermally stable and calcium tolerant and have many other benefits compared to Xanthans. Choose the right gum for the right application.


Fluid Loss is one of the fundamental properties of any drilling fluid. It has greatest relevance while drilling porous and permeable formations and especially while in any potential reservoir. It should always be viewed in conjunction with a trend and any associated change investigated and acted upon. OS PAC products are API specification polymers. OS STARTROL and STARTEMP are potato starches with good biological stability and temperature tolerance.



OS RHEO GUM PLUS   -   Modified High Temperature Polysaccharide Gum

OS RHEO GUM   -   Welan Gum

OS XANTHAN D   -   Xanthan Gum Dispersible

FLOWZAN® BIOPOLYMER   -   Xanthan Gum Biopolymer

OS XANTHAN LG   -   Liquid Xanthan (Glycol Ether Carrier)

OS XANTHAN LP   -   Liquid Xanthan (Paraffin Carrier)

OS HEC   -   Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

OS CLEAR VIS LG   -   Liquid Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (Glycol Ether Carrier)

OS CLEAR VIS LP   -   Liquid Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (Paraffin Carrier)

OS PAC R   -   Pure Grade Polyanionic Cellulose Regular 97%

OS PAC RT   -   Technical Grade Polyanionic Cellulose Regular 65%

OS PAC L   -   Pure Grade Polyanionic Cellulose Low Vis 97%

OS PAC LT   -   Technical Grade Polyanionic Cellulose Low Vis 65%

DRISPAC® REGULAR POLYMER   -   Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer HV

DRISPAC® SUPERLO POLYMER   -   Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer LV

OS STARTROL   -   Pregelatinised Potato Starch Low Vis with Biocide

OS STARTEMP   -   Pregelatinised Cross Linked Potato Starch High Temp

OS STARPERM   -   Carboxymethylated Starch Low Vis

OS CLEAN SWEEP   -   Polypropylene Fibre Based Sweeping Agent

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