OS CLEAN SWEEP - Polypropylene Fibre based Sweeping Agent



Hole Cleaning & Sweeps

Good hole cleaning in larger diameter hole sections can be a problem. Polymer sweeps are expensive and the viscosity of the whole system soon becomes elevated. A mechanical means of increasing carrying capacity and suspension offers best practice for hole cleaning without rheology problems. Tandem high vis/low vis or high weight sweeps are often ineffective and disrupt the circulating mud system properties. The application of chemically inert, mechanically robust fibres provides an ideal hole cleaning solution.


Product Information 

OS CLEAN SWEEP is a specially treated 100% virgin synthetic monofilament fibre that is used as a hole cleaning agent. When mixed and distributed in various fluids, OS CLEAN SWEEP fibre enhances the carrying capacity of drilling fluids without increasing the fluids viscosity. OS CLEAN SWEEP fibre is non-corrosive, non magnetic, chemically inert, and temperature stable in the designed applications.


Typical Physical Properties 

Material   -   Virgin Homopolymer Polypropylene

Colour   -   White                                            

Form   -   Monofilament Fibre

S.G.   -   1.0 in treated form                 

Chemical Resistance   -   Inert

Absorption   -   Nil                                           

Softening Point   -   315oF



  • OS CLEAN SWEEP mechanically increases the carrying capacity of all fluids and avoids costly mud-ups when using water or brines.
  • Removes metal fragments during milling operations.
  • Prevents and cures tight connections while drilling or on trips.
  • Provides a cost effective hole-cleaning method prior to running casing, logging, or tripping pipe.
  • Can be used from surface to total depth.
  • Chemically compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic-based fluids.
  • Temperature stable to 300 degrees F.
  • Environmentally safe - LC50 value of 1 million.
  • Reduces costly clean-ups from using polymers in work-over operations.
  • Offers the most economical alternative to high-cost, high-viscosity polymer sweeps.
  • Unaffected by sub-freezing temperatures as with some liquid polymers.



OS CLEAN SWEEP fibre is added to a variety of drilling fluids to increase the flow and removal of solids within a well bore application. OS CLEAN SWEEP fibre suspends easily and uniformly in fresh water, salt water, and water based drilling fluids, allowing it to effectively transport solids out of the drilling environment. OS CLEAN SWEEP fibre does not affect the chemistry nor increase the viscosity of the drilling fluid.



OS CLEAN SWEEP is packaged 15 lb boxes.

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