OS STARPERM - Carboxymethylated Starch Low Vis




Starches are used in water-based drilling muds to control fluid loss. Starches are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of muds, from freshwater through salt saturated and even high pH lime muds. All starch used in drilling muds are pre-gelatinised to make them water-soluble. Starch contains linear amylose polymers and branched amylopectin polymers which hydrate to form colloids. Starch is naturally non-ionic in character. Starches can also be derivatised to give them additional thermal stability and bacterial attack resistance. Starch is completely biodegradable and is the fluid loss additive of choice in reservoir drill-in fluids.


Product Information 

OS STARPERM is a carboxymethyl polymer of low viscosity with excellent fluid loss reducing properties in both fresh and saline drilling fluids.


OS STARPERM is used as a fluid loss control agent and can be used in all types of mud where low viscosity CMC is normally used.


In low solid muds, favourable rheological/gel strength properties are of particular advantage.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Fine, free flowing, off white flakes without lumps

Type of Product   -   Carboxymethylated polymer

Suspensibility   -   Excellent in all types of drilling fluids, without lumping

Fermentation Stability   -   Completely stable

Thermostability   -   Resistant against temperatures up to 110°C (Dependant on type of mud)



OS STARPERM as a derivatised starch does not require the use of a separate biocide in most drilling operations. OS STARPERM is a simple, economic means of lowering fluid loss and replaces CMC-LV is many cases.



OS STARPERM is added at 5-20 kg/m3.

The carboxymethyl functional group acts similarly to CMC and PAC products and performs best when total hardness is restricted to below 800 mg/l.



OS STARPERM is packaged in 25 kg sxs.

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