OS STARTEMP - Pregelatinised Cross Linked Potato Starch High Temp




Starches are used in water-based drilling muds to control fluid loss. Starches are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of muds, from freshwater through salt saturated and even high pH lime muds. All starch used in drilling muds are pre-gelatinised to make them water-soluble. Starch contains linear amylose polymers and branched amylopectin polymers which hydrate to form colloids. Starch is naturally non-ionic in character. Starches can also be derivatised to give them additional thermal stability and bacterial attack resistance. Starch is completely biodegradable and is the fluid loss additive of choice in reservoir drill-in fluids.


Product Information 

OS STARTEMP is a pregelatinised, cross linked, carboxymethyl potato starch. OS STARTEMP is a cold water dispersible potato starch derivative, which has excellent fluid loss properties in water based oil well drilling fluids.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Fine, off white, free flowing powder

Bulk Density (lb/ft³)   -   38 – 50                                               

Excess Alkalinity (% as NaOH)   -   0.1 – 0.5

pH (1% Solution)   -   9.5 – 10.5                        

% Moisture (max)   -   10.0

Particle Size   -   % passing 850 μm: 99.0,   % passing 300 μm: 90.0



OS STARTEMP is cross-linked to give more resistance to bacterial attack than common drilling starch and is thermally stable up to 150°C.

OS STARTEMP has an added advantage of synergising with Xanthan Gum to give excellent low shear rheology and enables lower quantities of the gum to be used.



OS STARTEMP is relatively fermentation stable and may be used in applications where cellulosic polymers are used. It will completely biodegrade with time. OS STARTEMP is resistant to degradation at temperatures up to 150°C (300°F), dependant on the mud system.

OS STARTEMP is used at concentrations of 5-20 kg/m3.



In 4% and saturated NaCl fluids, as described in Section 11, Specification 13A of the API specification. Starch Dosage - 5.0 ppb, hot rolling temperature 250°F.


Fann Viscosity CPS

Fluid Loss (mls) max

Room Temp 4% NaCI

30 +/- 10


Room Temp Sat NaCI

30 +/- 10


After Rolling 250oF 4% NaCI

30 +/- 10


After Rolling Sat NaCI

40 +/- 10




OS STARTEMP is packaged in 25 kg sxs.

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