OS STARTROL - Pregelatinised Potato Starch with Biocide




Starches are complex carbohydrates consisting of amylose and amylopectin units. Pure starch is insoluble in cold water and only after heating to become pregelatinised are they useful in drilling fluids. Starches are very widely used in many drilling fluids and their tolerance for divalent ions makes them an excellent choice for fluid loss control.


Product Information 

OS STARTROL is a low viscosity pregelatinised modified starch which conforms to API Spec 13A and ISO 13500.

OS STARTROL is designed to control the fluid loss in drilling fluid systems at low concentrations with high performance. OS STARTROL contains biocide which does not affect the basic properties of the product.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   White to off white, free flowing powder

Polymer Type   -   Modified pregelatinised starch conforming to API SPEC 13A and ISO 13500 for Drilling Starch.

Solubility   -   Readily in all types of fluid (without lumping)

Stability   -   Suitably preserved with environmental friendly biocide.

pH (5% solution)   -   5 – 8 approx

Bulk Density   -   550 – 700 (kg/m3)

Thermo Stability   -   Resistant to degradation at temperatures of up to 125oC (257oF), depending on the mud system.

Toxicity   -   Non Toxic



OS STARTROL is applicable to all types of water base mud systems from fresh, sea to salt saturated waters.


OS STARTROL is resistant to fermentations as it contains biocide, and no additional preservative is required to the mud system.



OS STARTROL is compatible with most drilling fluids products and has excellent fluid loss properties in high pH muds containing both mono and divalent cations.


OS STARTROL is highly effective in salt gel/bentonite systems, dispersed/non-dispersed polymer mud systems, weighted and unweighted and non-damaging fluids.  OS STARTROL can control the fluid loss without severely affecting the viscosity of mud systems at temperatures exceeding 225F.


OS STARTROL is applicable in most drilling mud systems and the recommended quantities vary from 2-8 ppb depending on the mud system type and components.


OS STARTROL should be added through the hopper at a rate of 20 min per sack.



OS STARTROL is packaged in 25 kg sacks.




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