OS XANTHAN D - Xanthan Gum (Dispersible)




Two of the primary functions of any drilling fluid are hole cleaning and cuttings suspension. The introduction of shear-thinning xanthan gums was one of the most important technological innovations in the development of water-based muds. Using quality xanthan gums allows proper engineering of drilling fluid properties to ensure clean wellbores with optimal flow rates and minimum ECDs.


Product Information 

OS XANTHAN D is a premium, dispersible xanthan gum biopolymer meeting all API 13A / ISO 13500 specifications.

OS XANTHAN D is a high molecular weight polysaccharide produced by fermentation of carbohydrate with Xanthomonas Campestris.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Off-white powder.

pH of 1% Solution   -   6.0 - 8.0

Loss on Drying:   -   13% max.

Particle Size   -    100% through 28 mesh (600 micron), 95% min through 42 mesh (355 micron)

Rheology (0.28% solution in sea water)   -   600 rpm : min 75 300 rpm : min 55, 200 rpm : min 45, 100 rpm : min 35, 6 rpm : min 15, 3 rpm : min 12.5



OS XANTHAN D is highly dispersible to maximize polymer hydration without loss of polymer particles plugging shaker screens. Most importantly, OS XANTHAN D when used in the reservoir section will not form agglomerated partially-hydrated fish eyes capable of damaging producing zones.



OS XANTHAN D xanthan gum biopolymer is a viscosifier and suspending agent for water base mud systems ranging from fresh, sea and salt saturated waters, gypsum and KCL/PHPA muds, non damaging fluids, low solids polymer mud and dispersed systems where the pH should be kept below 11.0. OS XANTHAN D is resistant to mono and bivalent cations.


OS XANTHAN D is also used in workover or completion operations with HEC to build up viscous pills with high suspension properties.


OS XANTHAN D polymer is an efficient hydrochloric acid viscosifier in acid concentrations up to 15%, for matrix and fracture acidising operations.


OS XANTHAN D is a viscosifier and suspending agent with high performance at low concentrations, OS XANTHAN D is recommended to be used at concentrations of 1 to 2 ppb depending on the type of application. OS XANTHAN D can be mixed at 3 to 5 ppb to prepare viscous pills or in building up new mud system.


In gelled acids for acidising jobs, OS XANTHAN D should be mixed at 20-60 pound per 1000 gal 15% HCL where reservoir temperature in the limit of 175°F. Lower concentrations in hydrochloric acid will act as friction reducers allowing high pump rates.



OS XANTHAN D is packaged in 25 kg sacks.



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