Wholesale Formates & Commercial Organic Acids


The introduction of formates by Shell in the 1990s has slowly revolutionised the performance of water-based muds. The formates are high ROP, inhibiting, non-corrosive, safe and environmentally friendly fluids with little or no reservoir damage potential. Virtually solids-free fluids enable the fastest ROPs to be achieved with the best bit life while drilling stable, gauge holes. OSS can provide sodium and potassium formate worldwide with a long history of logistical excellence.


OSS can provide the common organic acids, acetic and formic, in a range of container sizes to suit the individual needs of the customer. 


OS POTASSIUM FORMATE   -   Potassium Formate

OS SODIUM FORMATE   -   Sodium Formate

OS ACETIC ACID   -   Acetic Acid

OS FORMIC ACID   -   Formic Acid

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