OS FORMIC ACID - Formic Acid



Well Completion & Formation Damage Treatment

Wellbore fluids used during drilling and completion can contain many polymers, clays and other plugging polymers that can damage the formation and impair the reservoir resulting in reduced production. In order to clean the reservoir and remove the plugging agents that are impairing the formation various acids including acetic acid and other solvents are used. 


Product Information 

OS FORMIC ACID is an organic acid used in well stimulation, workovers and completions. OS FORMIC ACID is less corrosive than the traditionally used hydrochloric acid (HCL) and is easier to inhibit against steel corrosion at temperatures up to 400°F. OS FORMIC ACID is intermediate in strength to HCL and OS ACETIC ACID.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   Clear liquid                         

Formic Acid, HCOOH   -   85 % m/m min

Non volatile matter   -   50 mg/kg max                                  

Sulphate, as SO4   -   50 mg/kg max

Chloride, as Cl   -   5 mg/kg max                               

Iron, Fe   -   5 mg/kg max

Flash Point   -   50oC                                        

S.G.   -   1.22



OS FORMIC ACID can be used at high temperatures for longer periods than HCL due to it being far less reactive with metals. Therefore, organic acids such as OS FORMIC ACID are commonly used successfully at high bottom hole temperatures or when prolonged treatments times are required between acid and pipe, typically when perforating.



OS FORMIC ACID is used in oil and gas well treatments to clean the wellbore. It is normally blended with other acids such as hydrochloric acid in order to enhance performance.



OS FORMIC ACID is packaged in 225 kg drums.




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