OS POTASSIUM FORMATE - Potassium Formate



Formate Drilling Fluids

The introduction of formate drilling fluids has finally enabled water-based muds to properly challenge oil-based muds in terms of drilling performance. The use of Sodium, Potassium and Cesium Formates as solids-free, inhibitive, lubricating and non-damaging drilling fluids has repeatedly confirmed them to be the fluid of choice based on ROPs, trouble-free time, overall drilling time, environmental risk, safety and productivity.


Product Information 

OS POTASSIUM FORMATE is supplied as an odourless 75% w/w, 1.57 S.G. brine.


Typical Physical Properties

Appearance   -   Clear, colourless fluid

Potassium Formate   -   75% (mass)

S.G. @ 20oC   -   1.57 g/cm3 +/- 0.01

pH   -   8.5 – 11.0

Chloride Ions   -   0.05% (mass) max

Ca/Mg Cations   -   0.01% (mass) max



OS POTASSIUM FORMATE is an inhibitive, fast-drilling, non-toxic fluid that enhances the thermal stability of the commonly used water-based mud polymers. OS POTASSIUM FORMATE fluids are monovalent and solids-free and therefore have no scaling or reservoir damage potential. OS POTASSIUM FORMATE fluids can be recycled easily reducing waste management costs and overall cost/metre drilled. OS POTASSIUM FORMATE is stable to over 200oC.



OS POTASSIUM FORMATE is used as the base fluid in drilling muds up to a max 1.57 S.G. (13.1 ppg). It is often blended with either Sodium Formate down to 1.08 S.G. (9.0 ppg) or with Cesium Formate up to 2.20 S.G. (18.3 ppg). OS POTASSIUM FORMATE can also be used as perforating pills when oil-based muds have been used to drill the reservoir.



OS POTASSIUM FORMATE is supplied in 1,000 litre IBCs (1.57 MT).

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