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Formate Drilling Fluids

The introduction of formate drilling fluids has finally enabled water-based muds to properly challenge oil-based muds in terms of drilling performance. The use of Sodium, Potassium and Cesium Formates as solids-free, inhibitive, lubricating and non-damaging drilling fluids has repeatedly confirmed them to be the fluid of choice based on ROPs, trouble-free time, overall drilling time, environmental risk, safety and productivity.


Product Information 

OS SODIUM FORMATE is a high purity crystalline powder that is dissolved into an aqueous solution to form a clear brine to be used in workover and completions. OS SODIUM FORMATE is environmentally friendly, non toxic and biodegradable. Workover and Completion fluids require brines of varying densities depending upon the well conditions and the reservoir pressure.  OS SODIUM FORMATE when used as a brine will give a density up to 1.30 S.G. This density can be increased using either Potassium Formate that will provide a density of up to 1.57 S.G. and by introducing Cesium Formate a density of up to 2.2 S.G. can be achieved.


Sodium and Potassium Formates are readily available but Cesium Formate is a very scarce and rare commodity. OSS, through its sister company Chemix Limited can provide Cesium Formate Brine and powder thus being able to provide a formate brine base fluid with densities ranging from 1.30 S.G. to 2.2 S.G.


Typical Physical Properties 

Appearance   -   White crystal powder                      

Assay, NaCOOH   -   97.0 % min

Content of NaCl   -   1.0 % max                                  

Content of Na2CO3   -   0.5 % max

Content of NaOH   -   0.5 % max                                

Moisture   -   1.0% max

Particle size   -   90% min. pass US#20Mesh



OS SODIUM FORMATE when used in combination with Potassium Formate and/or Cesium Formate is an inhibitive, fast-drilling, non toxic fluid that enhances the thermal stability of the commonly used water-based mud polymers. OS SODIUM FORMATE fluids are monovalent and solids free and therefore have no scaling or reservoir damage potential. OS SODIUM FORMATE fluids can be recycled easily reducing waste management costs and overall cost/metre drilled. OS SODIUM FORMATE eliminates the problems associated with precipitate formation that can arise when using calcium based fluids in wells with high carbonate, sulphate or bicarbonate concentrations. Formate Brines are an environmentally friendly alternative to the other options such as Calcium Bromide and Zinc Bromide which are highly corrosive and hazardous to personnel and the environment.



Sodium Formate Brine fluids are used for solids free workover and completion wells where densities of 1.07 S.G. to 1.318 S.G. are required. Sodium Formate brines can be used with Potassium Formate brines to increase densities to a maximum of 1.57 S.G. For densities over and above 1.57 S.G. then a combination of Potassium and Cesium Formate is used.



OS SODIUM FORMATE is packaged in 25 kg sacks & 1 M/T big bags.




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