Technical Support

Drilling Fluids Programme Design


Following extensive background research and client consultation our team will design a drilling fluids program with key focus on the following objectives:  


  • Project budget and tender requirements
  • Maximising the latest technology
  • Meeting and exceeding Environmental and HSE requirements
  • Full understanding of the formation and down hole conditions
  • Well location and access
  • Water supply



Tender Preparation


Tendering is a vital process in the Oil Service industry.  Oil Companies will issue invitations to tender that provide a detailed description of the scope of work required and cover all aspects involved in drilling a well. In response, it is imperative that the Oil Service Company demonstrates a full understanding and details its own capabilities to complete the scope of work required. Tendering can be a very complex procedure and requires the submission of a large volume of information.  OSS provides assistance to our clients throughout the tendering process of completing and submitting both the technical and commercial bids.



Engineering Personnel Supply


It is fundamental to any drilling operation to have engineers with experience appropriate to the formation being drilled and the drilling fluid that is being used.  OSS supports our clients with access to a large network of engineers, specialised in WBM, SOBM and OBM systems and with vast international experience. Engineering services can be provided to both Oil Companies and Oil Service Companies. 



Pre Operation Consultancy & Technical Support


The technical team of OSS provides our clients with pre operation consultancy and technical support. If you are planning to work in a new geographical location, drill a new formation, use new technologies or products, our team can work with you and provide information and advice so you can accurately plan every aspect of your future operation. 



Onsite & Remote Support


Once a client is working with OSS we shall be available to offer our support both remotely and onsite if required throughout the whole of the operational process.


Tel: +44 1263 732 343


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